How To Screen Potential Candidates For Job Vacancies

In New Jersey, recruiters are employed by staffing agencies to find candidates who meet specific qualifications. The staffing agencies provide services for employers and individuals looking for jobs. Reviewing how to screen potential candidates for toy jobs shows employers how the process workers.

Verifying the Candidate's Employment

The recruiters contact all previous employers listed on the worker's resume or application. Verification of employment is vital when qualifying the candidate for new jobs. The recruiters determine the start and end date of the worker's employment. Certain legalities apply when asking questions and impose limitations for recruiters. However, if an employer volunteers negative information about a worker, the recruiter can use it during the screening process.

Conducting a Criminal Background Assessment

The potential hire is required to sign a consent form for a criminal background check. The recruiter conducts a background check for the state and any areas where the candidate lived previously. The candidate is within their rights to disclose any information about their criminal history to the recruiters. However, the recruiter cannot ask direct questions until after the report is returned to them.

Conducting a Credit Assessment

A credit assessment is part of a risk assessment and conducted to determine if the candidate presents a financial risk to the business. The applicant's credit score plays a role in qualifying them for any positions for which they will handle money personally. Some employers want a credit assessment for workers as an additional way to screen potential employees.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings

All candidates of interest submit to a drug or alcohol screening. The outcome of the assessments may qualify or disqualify the candidate for the position. Recruiters don't conduct the testing unless they are offering a temporary or permanent position to the candidate.

In New Jersey, recruiters help employers screen potential workers to fill job vacancies. The job seekers submit applications that outline their work history and education. The recruiters review the applications and find candidates that meet all the employer's preferences. Next, they conduct a screening process that determines if any risks are present. Employers who want to learn more about how to screen potential candidates can contact a toy recruiter right now.